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Tourist attraction in Pattaya Thailand is the ‘flight of the Gibbon.


The city of Pattaya is located on the east coast of the gulf of Thailand, and is about 165km south east of Bangkok. The bay area is one of the largest beach resorts in Pattaya Thailand and is the second most visited city after Bangkok.


The sweeping bay area is split into two beach fronts. The beach is nearer the city centre and is the main spot for bathers and sunbathing, while the other side of the bay forms the harbour and is where most of the nightlife is situated, and many restaurants.


There are many small and picturesque islands just off shore which you can take a trip to. Reachable by speedboat in 15 minutes or ferry in 45 minutes, a visit to this group is a very worthwhile trip and make sure you have your camera. There are tourist beaches on many of the islands with water sports and scuba diving available.


The number one tourist attraction in Pattaya Thailand is the ‘flight of the Gibbon’; this is an amazing and ultra safe sip line course which allows you fly through the canopy of the rainforest. It is the longest in Thailand at over 3km with 26 platforms. Nestled in one of Thailand’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty, this is a once in a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss.


Pattaya Thailand is home to the Happy Home Thai Cooking School. This is based on the premise that cooking is an integral ingredient in the success of having a happy home. There are three key elements to this; careful preparation, fresh ingredients and fastidious presentation. For a real ‘hands on’ experience to learn a bit more about cooking delicious Thai food, book yourself in for one of their short courses.


If you are getting a bit wearing from touring around the sites of Pattaya Thailand, take time out in the calm and tranquillity of the Nong Nooch tropical botanical garden. Take a leisurely stroll around the fabulous gardens and take in one of the shows, such as the Thai cultural dance show or the Elephant show. There is also an adventure park and a small zoo and plenty of places to get lunch. Allow a full day for your trip here to see everything that it has to offer.


The Alangkarn is a 2000 seat theatre which has a variety of shows running constantly which showcase Thai culture. This includes music, dance, acrobatic displays, pyrotechnics etc, a real extravaganza. If you really want to make a night of it enjoy a superb dinner in the 1000 seat restaurant.
Pattaya Thailand is a wonderful place for a holiday and offers everything for the holiday maker.

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