Resort Thailand Information

Visit one of the most desired tourist destinations nowadays


Thailand is big independent country located in the middle of Southeast Asia. It is famous with its traditions. Ten years ago this country was not a popular tourist destination but this has changed. Nowadays Thailand is considered as one of the most desired destinations. The reason for this is its nice geography. Approximately 514 000 square kilometers Thailand is the world’s 50th largest country.

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Thailand Cheap Information

Thailand Cheap Tourist Destination


Thailand has rich traditions and a colorful cultural heritage. Thailand cheap holidays and sunny beaches are well known tourist attractions. Holidaymakers from all over the world visit Thailand every year for luxurious spas, high-class accommodations and impeccable hospitality.

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Thailand Holiday Information

Visit Thailand at affordable price with good facilities


Thailand holiday is available for every individual, who loves to go for holiday trip. It is the right choice of many tourists especially in holidays. It is difficult to resist, so called Thailand holiday temptation before departing to Thailand. It is just simple and non complex in all aspects of traveling. Thailand’s culture is stupendously exiting and gorgeous. Thailand holiday trip is simply superb for various reasons. It may be due to its shopping or other special activities.

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Thailand Beach Information

Russians and Europeans in the Thailand beach


Thailand is a major tourist attraction with full of beaches and wild life. Later in 1960’s, it is stumbled up on Thailand. Now it is turned in to a beach resort. The climate in Thailand signifies mostly of tropical climate with hot and humid conditions. Thailand city is moderately warm throughout the year. In case, you are planning to tour Pattaya, then you should avoid the tour during September and October, because in these two months, normally temperature increases and causes heavy rain falls. It offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the Thailand. Probably you might not get this type of beaches any where in the rest of the world. It is known for its night life. This city provides series of bars and clubs with catering service, especially for those are looking to have fun in night.

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Pattaya Thailand Information

Tourist attraction in Pattaya Thailand is the ‘flight of the Gibbon.


The city of Pattaya is located on the east coast of the gulf of Thailand, and is about 165km south east of Bangkok. The bay area is one of the largest beach resorts in Pattaya Thailand and is the second most visited city after Bangkok.

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