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Russians and Europeans in the Thailand beach


Thailand is a major tourist attraction with full of beaches and wild life. Later in 1960’s, it is stumbled up on Thailand. Now it is turned in to a beach resort. The climate in Thailand signifies mostly of tropical climate with hot and humid conditions. Thailand city is moderately warm throughout the year. In case, you are planning to tour Pattaya, then you should avoid the tour during September and October, because in these two months, normally temperature increases and causes heavy rain falls. It offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the Thailand. Probably you might not get this type of beaches any where in the rest of the world. It is known for its night life. This city provides series of bars and clubs with catering service, especially for those are looking to have fun in night.


Thailand beach is the best adventure place in the entire Thailand. It is a beautiful location and sight sceneries makes tourist busy throughout the journey. It provides both daytime and night time scenes. This is the place, where different languages are spoken and probably you could see people from different parts of the world. Traveling in streets of Pattaya is not difficult.


Thailand beach is broken in to northern and southern Pattaya, but most visitors vacate in southern Pattaya, because of its no barrage for night life. Walking in the streets of southern Thailand is as easy as you walking in your home. This city deals all about rest and recreation. It sets standard among traveling destinations saying it is the worlds most standard and topmost relaxation place. Some times questions may arise among visitors those have lack of experience on Thailand beach. It seems they are not sure about Pattaya’s reputation. Some people call this city as sin city and extreme city.


Over the past decade, the Thailand beach has been changed. Nowadays you can see most of Russians and Europeans in the beaches and landscapes. It is not a place for single person anymore. Whole family can vacate here with all the amenities available. It is also known for its wild life. No doubt Pattaya’s half of revenue comes from this wild life only. It has tiger zoo, mini Siam, crocodile farm and sanctuary of truth. One can find varieties of hotels and restaurants, which are family oriented. Adventure sports like jet skis, windsurfing and many water sports available here. It is located just 90 kilometers away from Bangkok. It’s about one and half hours journey in a taxi or bus.


Thailand beach is home for some of the best international Restaurants along with local eateries. It provides 24/7 transportation facility. It costs around 10 baht (Thailand currency) for a bus ticket.

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