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A very popular way to travel through Thailand is backpacking. A trip through Thailand is truly the trip of a lifetime. Getting there is a lot easier than it used to be, thanks to the advances in air travel which has effectively made the world a smaller place. Thailand travel is a very rich and rewarding experience that you will remember forever.


A very popular way to travel through Thailand is backpacking. This gives you the advantage of going where you want, when you want without being tied to any itineraries. Another advantage of this kind of Thailand travel is that it can work out a lot cheaper. Spent time planning your trip, it will be well worth it.


Whether backpacking or using another method to see the country, plan your journey well in advance. Check out the climate and plan your trip accordingly, you want good weather but not so that the heat is unbearable. Now decide on a budget and stick to it. Allow for travelling, accommodation, food and drink and extras.


Now the fun part, planning where you are going to visit on your Thailand travels. A word of warning, however, check out where it is safe to travel. The threat of terrorism is very real in Thailand, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. The far Southern provinces are out of bounds as far as tourists are concerned, due to increased terrorist activity and continued bombing attacks in the area. So plan your trip carefully, there are plenty of wonderful sights to be seen in safe parts of the country.
Described as ‘the land of smiles’ this is a country of great contrasts and your Thailand travel route should include the diversity. Take time to check out the rural villages and lush countryside, as well as the vibrancy of the cities such as Bangkok Thailand. This is where using the internet to plan your route is invaluable. It gives you all the information that you need to know to make your Thailand travel experience everything that it should be, and more.


Trains, buses, ferries and bikes are the main ways to travel around the country. Cheap accommodation and hostels are a good way to save money. Go through sites to check these out however, don’t just take a chance on finding a place when you’re there, you don’t want Thailand travel spoilt by staying somewhere filthy and taking ill.


Now you have all the information needed to book your trip to Thailand. Stick to safe areas and your budget and you’ll have a wonderful time. This fabulous country still has an air of mystery about it and there are numerous hidden treasures for you to discover on your travels. So get planning and enjoy your holiday of a lifetime, bon voyage!

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