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Thailand has rich traditions and a colorful cultural heritage. Thailand cheap holidays and sunny beaches are well known tourist attractions. Holidaymakers from all over the world visit Thailand every year for luxurious spas, high-class accommodations and impeccable hospitality.


The Kingdom of Thailand is a country with an array of natural wonders and a contrast of modern metropolitan cities. You can find mud huts and luxury hotels, magnificent temples and ramshackle ruins. Remote villages have not been changed over the period of centuries and the lush green tropical forests are still the habitats of many species. The cities are a hotchpotch of soaring skyscrapers, loaded streets with traffic and opulent temples. Local cuisine and the sensational shopping in the shopping malls makes the holidays perfect.


White sandy beaches are swarming with tourists. Phuket and the Phi Phi Island have incredible beaches. The tropical islands are like the paradise on Earth.  Water lovers and eco travelers can spend their holiday in tranquility and glorious surroundings. Patong offers vibrant nightlife and a wide variety of activities. These fun filled activities for the whole family include sailing, beach football and diving.


Thailand cheap holiday’s season starts after the peak season from August to March. From April to June there is less crowd and whereas February and March are warmer. This is the best time of the year to see the marine life in the clear water of the ocean.


You can plan to visit Thailand with your family or friends any time of the year. The average cost for the stay and food for two would be not more than £1000. This amount is enough for the two people that like a good drink and enjoy going out to the bars, clubs etc.


Thailand cheap hotels and resorts are swarming with visitors from all over the world. The tourists can visit heavenly gardens and excellent restaurants. The hotel accommodation is high standard. The white sand at the beach is very clean and the tourists amuse themselves by going parasailing and other marine sports. Some of the hotels have impressive mini-golf complex or you can walk from to the village shops to buy T-shirts etc. Try a different restaurant or bar every evening.  You can see monkey shows and many tourists like the snake shows. Tourist can also visit Phuket Town for sight-seeing and antique stores. Tuk-tuk rides are fun to ride and hire so do not miss it when you are in Thailand. It is very cheap in Thailand with excellent, clean and modern environment. You can take the ferry to Phi Phi Island which happens to be a fabulous place for a holiday. Thailand Beaches, friendly hotels and excellent cuisine at small hotels makes Thailand the best tourist destination.

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