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Thailand is big independent country located in the middle of Southeast Asia. It is famous with its traditions. Ten years ago this country was not a popular tourist destination but this has changed. Nowadays Thailand is considered as one of the most desired destinations. The reason for this is its nice geography. Approximately 514 000 square kilometers Thailand is the world’s 50th largest country.


The population of this country is about 67 000 000 people which means Thailand has a high density. The nation is famous with its resorts located near the Andaman Sea. This is Thailand’s most precious natural resource. The most luxurious resorts are located there. Probably the most popular and visited resort Thailand is Krabi. This is a province located in the west coast of Thailand. Krabi is a top destination for islands and beach lovers. The most famous destinations there are Ao Nang and Ko Phi National Park. There are more than 80 smaller islands located in this province and each of them is very beautiful. If you have a chance you should see all of them. In this resort Thailand you may find several coral-fringed islands. These places are famous with their nice diving conditions. Actually if you like diving, sailing, kayaking this is the right resort Thailand for you.


A good thing you should know is the prices. If you intend to go to Krabi you should make a good research on the prices. The good news is that there are many hotels which can satisfy every taste. Look on the internet and find the best hotel which suits best your needs. No matter what is your budget you will be able to find the right place for you. The good news here is that the staff of each hotel is very friendly and you won’t have problems with them. Choosing the all inclusive option is the best you can do in order to make your vacation unforgettable. Do not worry for the transport. Since 1999 this resort Thailand is easily to be visited. The best way is to go there by plane using the Krabi Airport but if you are more adventurous person you can go there by car using the Phantasm road.


If you are still wondering where to go this summer Thailand is one good destination. The reasons to visit this particular country are numerous – luxury resorts, beautiful nature and good prices. This is what makes Thailand one of the most desired tourist destinations all over the world. If you go there you can be sure that your vacation will be unforgettable. Visiting a country with different culture is always pretty exciting.

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